Fasttrack #drinks – Prague 

#Where? Intercontinental Prague

#When? Evening, warm

#Order? Champagne

#Style? Chic

#Special? Lovely roof terrace with a view on Prague, closely located to the Moldau.

Go there, enjoy the great service and a beautiful view on Prague. This is a classic and beautiful dinner location. The panoramic restaurant is off the top as well.

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You might question „What is a fasttrack?“. Fasttracks are my recommendations to special or exclusive places. These recommendations come short and crispy and should not be seen as full reviews. I will write fasttracks because of a special drink, a special meal, a special locations or simply extraordinary service.

So these fasttracks give you a fast impression of what to do or to order in a certain city oder location. … Mehr Upcoming : Fasttracks

Review: drive by

Das war sie nun, meine erste Fahrt mit „drive by“ und es hat meine Erwartungen übertroffen.

Zugegeben, Fiat 500 wollte ich schon immer mal Fahren, als kleiner Stadtflitzer doch ein ganz schickes Fortbewegungsmittel. Doch ich war, wie drive by verspricht, tatsächlich entspannter angekommen, als bei bisherigen Anbietern.

#English version below … Mehr Review: drive by